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Hamro Sailung

            Sailung is a beautiful Village. It is in Gandhaki Zone, Lamjung District and belongs to Maling Village Development Committee. It is a small village stretched nicely on the top of the beautiful hill. There are three small more villages with in it.  Its landscapes are made up with hills, plains and Beautiful Midim Khola that flows tirelessly with dignity along the village at the base. It is in the trekking route to famous village Ghale Gaun, Ganpokhara and Manang. Sailung is very rich with it’s own natural sceneries of river, thick forests and farmland. It has very fascinating views all around including Machhapuchhre Himal. Its neighbouring villages are Nalma, Daduwa, Chhapa. Gilung and Takshar.

          Sailung has a small population of hundred and fifty houses living. In majority, its habitat of Gurungs and Magars who are welcoming and love to live in a harmony. The main occupation is farming and most people are employed in different counties as well as serving in British Army, Inidan army and other countries around the world. People are very traditional and rich in culture. They celebrate different festivals specially Dashain, Tihar, Lhoshar, Buddha Purnima etc.. Most villagers have belief and worship Goddess Langdi Devi. Langdi Devi is situated at Holy Place on the rocky hill over the Midim River. Many people around come to worship the Goddess.

          There is a primary school called “Shree Shaila Mandir” where mostly locally children go. Due to the low population, students have to travel to Maling for their secondary education. Shree Shaila Mandir is a very good school with its good production of students who are serving in different communities all around the country and the world. Shaila Marga is now up and running. Electricity service has been being fixed all to the village.

         People are friendly and fun loving. They are hardworking and ashpired to move forward. They like Krishna Charitra Naach Chudka, Dohari etc. Aama Samuha and "Sayapatri Youth Club" work tirelessly and help the need of village and its development. People love fishing at River Midim at leisure time. The youth love to play football, volleyball, chhelo. They play in different tournaments and owned various trophies and prizes.

         Hence undoubtedly, Sailung is a beautiful and peaceful village with loving and caring people who always look after each other and live in a harmony.                     


By Mrs Mamata Gurung